Temple Formula Racing

Who We Are

Temple Formula Racing (TFR) is a student professional organization within Temple University's College of Engineering that uses hands-on automotive engineering skills to fully fund, prototype and assemble a formula racecar that competes in an annual Formula SAE International competition.

With the help of Faculty advisors, sponsors, and in class experiences, Temple students seek to improve the performance capabilities of our car. Each year, we make iterative design changes in hopes of weight savings and better ranking at FSAE events. Some of the events we attend include FSAE Michigan, FSAE North, and the Pittsburg Shootout.



- February 21st, 2020 -

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2020 TFR Car Unveiling

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2019 Car Statistics


Model 2008 Honda CBR600RR
Cylinders Inline-4
Displacement 599 cc
Horsepower 82 HP @ 13,000 rpm
Torque 46.8 ft-lbs @ 10,500 rpm
Compression Ratio 12.2:1
ECU PE3 P-8400


Top Speed ~ 110 mph


Drive Type Chain Driven
Gearbox 6-speed sequential
Differential Drexler Limited Slip


Double Wishbone Control Arm
Shocks Ohlins TTX25 MkII
Springs Cane Creek Springs


Brembo P2.34/P2.30
Pistons 2 pistons, titanium


Chassis 4130 Chromoly Steel Tubing
Weight 452 lbs (without driver)
Body Panels Carbon Fiber


13” Magnesium ӦZ Racing Wheels
Tire Size Hoosier 20.0 x 7.5-13
Wheel Base 66.5"
Track 56" Front || 54" Rear


Fuel Type Sunoco 93 Octane


2012 - #112

Place at Competition:
FSAE Michigan - 104 of 107
**Did not pass Technical Inspection**

First year back as a competing team. Year before was gathering research to produce this car.

2013 - #32

Yamaha FZ6R
547 lbs
Place at Competition:
FSAE Michigan - 104 of 104
**Did not pass Technical Inspection**


  • 3D printed intake
  • First year with sidepods
  • First year to use female nosecones for the body work
  • Built own differential for senior design
  • Intake with vortex generators

Uprights failed at competition. Ran a single brake in the rear which is part of the reason we failed braking.

2014 - #17

Yamaha FZ6R
Place at Competition:
FSAE Michigan - 107 of 107
**Did not pass Technical Inspection**


  • Suicide shifter, clutch on shifter
  • Seat was an expanding foam mold seat
  • Welded aluminum intake

Areas to Improve:

  • Seat weighed 17 lbs. Carbon fiber with fiberglass in between
  • Leaks in gas tanks and fuel lines
  • Brakes did not work, flarings were not good and wouldn’t stop
  • Over assumed thickness on all body panels

Anti-dive and anti-squat built in but was not designed well enough. 400lb springs would not work and then 600 lb springs would not fit. Rake designed into the chassis. Set the stage for later years chassis.

2015 - #113

Yamaha FZ6R
508 lbs
Place at Competition:
Formula North - 104 of 109
**Did not pass Technical Inspection**


  • Plenum with top sloping contour. Better in manufacturing than concicle design
  • Resin infused Nose Cone
  • Chassis was much more machinable
  • Suspension geometry was more conventional and predictable
  • New Member orientations had strong turnout and retention

Areas to Improve:

  • Needed a new firmware update at competition
  • Brakes lines did not hold
  • Differential shattered because of incorrect wall thickness
  • Nine uprights machined because of incorrect tolerances

2016 - #31

Yamaha FZ6R
506 lbs
Place at Competition:
FSAE Lincoln - 48 of 70


  • Carbon Intake, Dashboard, Steering Wheel, Underbody, Footrest, Nosecone, Headrest Plate, Sidepods, Shifter
  • Converging/Diverging nozzle for the restrictor which allowed minimal head loss in restrictor
  • Torsen Differential purchased
  • First year working with Hillock Anodizing

Areas to Improve:

  • Heating issues; radiator sat behind the headrest, which was bad for cooling and we had to run a really lean tune
  • Black flagged for leaking oil and wheels were about to fall off
  • Did not get proper press fit on upright bearings

Most improved and quietest car. First year to compete in endurance!

2017 - #71

2008 Honda CBR 600RR
483 lbs
Place at Competition:
FSAE Michigan - 72 of 109


  • First year with a Honda CBR600RR
  • Performance Electronics ECU
  • Non 2D profile uprights
  • Chassis shrunk in roll hoops
  • Aerodynamic undertray
  • ntake optimization
    • More even pressure distribution along cylinders
    • Larger plenum volume
    • Lower volumetric efficiency rpm optimization
  • First year with Drexler Differential
  • Continuously molded nose cone, ease in manufacturing
  • Properly designed cooling system with heat exchanger calculations
  • Rocker design changes
    • 2 Aluminum 2D profiles bolted together
    • Saved a considerable amount of weight

Technical bed in advancements for aerodynamics. Made it through endurance. Best placing at competition ever! Best design judging report scores.

2018 - #124

2008 Honda CBR 600RR
479 lbs
Place at Competition:
FSAE Michigan - 82 of 114


  • Suspension Design Improvements
  • Best and tightest shifting ever, right side of car
  • Improved weight savings
  • Optimized injector angle, directly into the cylinder

Masterlink on chain failed during endurance.

2019 - #78

2008 Honda CBR 600RR
452 lbs
Place at Competition:
FSAE Michigan - 77 of 108


  • New Sidepod Design
  • Carbon-Nomex Undertray
  • 45-tooth Vortex Sprocket
  • First year using OZ Magnesium Racing Wheels
  • Pedal Pack adjustment improvements
  • Removed chassis tubes for weight savings

Areas to Improve:

  • Sprocket adapter sheared during 2nd Acceleration run
  • Engine seized at the end of our third run of Autocross
    • Spun all 4 Rod Bearings
    • Oil starvation in Crankcasing
  • Differential Alignment

Passed Technical Inspection first try. Struggled at Fuel, Braking, and Sound but eventually passed. Full engine swap to 2017 engine the night before Endurance. Made it 6 laps around endurance before we threw the chain from the rear sprocket.

The Team

Formula SAE advances student careers and experience in engineering as it engages students in all aspects of the automotive industry including research, design, manufacturing, testing, developing, marketing, management, and finances.

Our team has students from all departments and backgrounds, such as Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Business, Art, Communications, etc. We are always looking for new members, so if you are interested in joining us, feel free to drop us an email!

Board Members

Chau Nguyen
Chief Engineer
(267) 595-4215

Hunter Hayes
Project Manager
(610) 675-8601

Elliot Coopersmith
Chief Engineer
(267) 377-9566

Dr. Richard Cohen
Faculty Advisor
(215) 204-6245

Majd Tobaje
Corporate Relations
(610) 393-2341

M.E. Houston
Body Team
(202) 906-9237


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